How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent

Finding a good real estate agent can make all the difference in your house-hunting. Finding one who knows the market well is what you need. A good real estate agent should have all the necessary network contacts to help you make successful transactions. Experienced agents can be excellent negotiators, as well. Do you want to know how to find a good real estate agent?

Helpful Tips to Help You

The key to choosing the right fit is to find one who will put your best interest above his. You need one who will try hard to get you the best deal possible. A good real estate agent will know his way in the market and knows where all the good properties are.

Get Referrals

When you want to know how to find a good real estate agent, you can ask other people for referrals. Customers of those who have built great reputations do not hesitate to refer them to other sellers and buyers. Ask around your area, chances are there are a few names that will come up.


You can get a list from referrals or scout through the internet for some of the best real estate agents or you can also do your own research. You can contact the National Association of Realtors for recommendations. Their members follow a strict code of ethics so you are assured that you will be getting reliable agents. They also require their members to always be updated in terms of trends and other market movements.

Get a Shortlist and Meet with a Couple

It is imperative that you meet with at least 3 to 4 agents personally to help you decide. You can track them down through current listings. The best place to find them is during an open house because they are likely to be there. If you are able to find one, go to it, and it doesn't matter if you are interested in the property or not, because you just have to watch a particular agent in action.

Choosing is easy when you observe them how they are in their own world. You cannot see how good they really are if you only talk to them over the phone or simply view their profile. It pays to talk to them and see how they work and how they are with their clients.

Look for Agents with Online Presence

In this tech-savvy generation, the more established agents have their own websites. Normally, they have a team that works on the site because most of the time, this is how they get clients. You can browse the site and check out feedback from clients, as well.

Ask Questions

Whether you talk to them in person or over the phone or through chat, make sure that you ask a lot of questions. Do not hesitate to ask the agents about the process of selling or buying a house. If you are looking for a property, you can ask them about the possible price range in a particular area that you are interested in.

Your success in buying or selling your home depends on how good the real estate you have so choose carefully.